Review Policy


I am quite literally SWIMMING in requests. There are so many books, so little time. I’ve already accepted a few too many review requests (I’m sorry to those I’ve accepted – reviews are going to be slow. They’re coming, but not quickly aha).

So, fair warning – if you request a review while this closed announcement lives on my page, your email will be deleted without being opened. 

I’m once again accepting requests. However, I’ve decided to be even MORE picky with my selections.

What does this mean? This means that if you don’t follow my instructions EXACTLY, and don’t blow me absolutely away with your submission, I won’t be accepting your book for review. It’s harsh, but I found that I was accepting too many and got bogged down.
I’m now starting fresh.

I am an IndieView Reviewer!

I will review anything I read, including indie novels.

I’m the kind of reader who just wants to escape. I want to laugh, cry, or yell as I am whisked off into a place a whole lot different than reality.

I love rich, mesmerizing description, and writing that is vibrant and loaded with emotion.

Genres I will read:

Most fiction. As long as it has a compelling plot, I’m in. However, I tend to read mostly fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction. If your book is not one of those three, you will need to really sell me.

Genres I won’t read, no matter what:

Erotica, non-fiction, poetry, religious fiction, horror, or thriller. I have tried to give the last three a chance, but I’ve found that my interest is just not piqued by them.


I will always give your book a solid chance. If, however, it fails to snag me even a little bit by the first thirty pages, I will not review it. I will be sure to let you know why, and give you friendly advice if I think it necessary. I will always be honest, so if you are not prepared for that, please do not ask me to read your work. I am no professional editor, but as an author myself, who went through many creative writing courses during my Bachelor, I feel like I will have at least one or two constructive things to say.

Please do not rush me if I have asked you to send me your book. If I said I will read it, you can be sure I will read it. Life is chaotic.

I will post my reviews here, on my instagram, and on Goodreads.

How to request:


To request a review, please email

In the SUBJECT LINE, please write “Review Request.”

In the email, please give me:

  • The title of your book
  • The genre
  • The word count
  • The front cover
  • A quick description of your work. This is where you sell me. Get me interested. If your description is lacking, I will likely not ask you to send me your book.
  • The first 5 pages of your novel, preferably in PDF format. If the description hooks me, I’d like the chance to read the first bit of your work before I accept it for review. FOR PUBLISHERS – this requirement is waived for traditionally published work. I have more trust in the quality of writing in a book that has been published traditionally (tough for me to admit, as I’m a self-published author myself).
  • I only respond to requests I’ve accepted. If you don’t hear back, I’m sorry. I was not intrigued by your book. Which isn’t negative! This is all very subjective

HINT: If your email is poorly written, it will be deleted. Show off your writing skills BEFORE I get your book. C’mon!

If you do not follow these instructions, I won’t consider your work. Most of the requests I have received recently did not follow the format I have asked for. As a result, they were deleted.

Please do not attach your full book to the request.

If I am interested in reading your work, I will answer your email.


If I see that you’ve sent me more than one email without a response from me, I’ll get very annoyed, rage to the skies, and unceremoniously delete your request.

I accept:

Paperback, PDF, and ARCs.

I love physical copies the most, but I understand if that is not an option for you.