Review: Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young


3/5 Stars

I definitely found this read to be enjoyable, but unfortunately I did not find it all that satisfying.

It needed more.

The world was bloody and unyielding. The characters were fierce and very, very intriguing.

But everything needed to be fleshed out more. 

I flew through this book and was enamoured with the style of the world and the crisp narrative Young wields like a well-honed dagger. However, I feel like this story needed another 100 pages. Give me more robust plot building, slower relationship development, and for gods’ sake, DIG INTO THE LORE. 

I ended the read with far too many questions. The end battle felt too easy and rushed. Who in the eff were the Herja? Why were they a thing? Why were they so brutal? Why, why, why?

I could continue asking questions, but all of them would spoil the entire book for others, so I’ll keep them to myself.

As a whole, this book brimmed with possibility. The idea was lovely. There were some snippets of excellent descriptive writing that made me sigh in pleasure. The violence was well done and bluntly painted for the reader. I quite liked the protagonist, though I didn’t really get to know her as well as I would have liked.

Which is why I give this book 3 stars. It was decent, and I liked the premise. It just needed more length and robust building.

Author: Akairya

Fantasy author of The Fractured Soul. To buy a copy of the first book, Akairya, simply go to Abrianna's main website or search for it on Amazon! When Abrianna's not writing, she is reading or riding horses...or playing a video game that probably takes up way too much of her time.

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