Review: Uprooted by Naomi Novik



5/5 Stars

I spent a few months raving about The Bear And The Nightingale to my reading friends. Many of them took my recommendation, and in turn, recommended Uprooted to me.

I am so glad they did. Uprooted was absolutely enthralling. Intricately written, lushly described, and so enriched with the concept of the natural world fighting back against the terrors of civilization, I found myself lost within the pages in seconds.

The complex and achingly beautiful magic that was painted in this book was done in delicate, absurdly expert brush strokes. I never truly understood how it worked, but I knew and understood enough, and was intoxicated by it. Learning alongside Agnieszka was an enriching experience. You feel like you’re gaining a powerful knowledge as she grows into herself. You start to feel like you, too, can dig within the wells of magic and wield it.

The gradual, almost reluctant romance nestled in the heart of the story was such a pleasure for me to read. I don’t like romance that’s too forced, or too cheesy, or the focus of the whole book. I like romance that meanders along the main plot, that teasingly whispers at you while your heart calls for more. And then when it comes to a satisfying conclusion, it’s heady, and feels much more powerful than if it’s shoved in your face nonstop.

In total, this book was absolutely stunning. If you read Katherine Arden’s The Bear And The Nightingale and loved it, give this book a chance. It’ll astonish you.

Author: Akairya

Fantasy author of The Fractured Soul. To buy a copy of the first book, Akairya, simply go to Abrianna's main website or search for it on Amazon! When Abrianna's not writing, she is reading or riding horses...or playing a video game that probably takes up way too much of her time.

2 thoughts on “Review: Uprooted by Naomi Novik”

  1. I love this book! (And The Bear and the Nightingale). You’ll probably like Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik too. She has a book called A Deadly Education coming out soon which sounds so cool.


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